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"Itís always a pleasure working with your firm. You always come through with high caliber talent."
Client, Executive Vice President, Oncology – North America, Top 5 Pharma

"You have delivered a stellar slate of candidates, very impressive."
Client, President, North American Region Head, Top 5 Pharma

"Fantastic jobÖ great candidate. We are really pleased to partner with a firm so sensitive to diversity."
Client, SVP, Human Resources, Top 5 Pharma

"If anyone can find that perfect candidate, it is you."
Client, Vice President, Commercial, Top 10 Pharma

"I have to say of all the recruiters I have interacted with throughout the years, you are the one that I always return calls to right away. Your professionalism in describing the roles and genuine interest in ensuring the candidates in positions are a good match comes through in all of our conversations."
Candidate, Vice President, Managed Care, Top 5 Pharma

"Thanks for your counsel and I appreciate you taking the time to be so thorough in preparation for my upcoming meeting. This has always been a part of Michael E. Marion & Associates which differentiates it from others."
Candidate, Senior Vice President, Clinical, Top 5 Pharma

"Great hire! The candidate made a BIG mention of the fact that his work with your organization was exceptional and for that I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU."
Client, Vice President, Human Resources, Leading Oncology Company

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